Dave Slivka, president of Anaconda Aviation, was employed by Mitsubishi Aircraft for eight years and sold the MU-2 directly for the manufacturer. Dave has been specializing in Mitsubishi and turbine aircraft for over 33 years and flies one as his personal aircraft. We have numerous original technical brochures and pamphlets on the various models of Mitsubishi aircraft, and Dave can tell you the history of each MU-2 out there!

If the Mitusbishi aircraft model you are interested in is not shown here, we can still supply you with this information. Please contact us or call at 561-241-6111 USA or via fax 561-241-6117 USA for detailed MU-2 information or information on a specific aircraft.

Mitsubishi MU-2 General Information

Mitsubishi MU-2 Report Excerpts & Product Support Surveys

Mitsubishi Solitaire

Mitsubishi Marquise

Mitsubishi Comparisons (Solitaire vs. Marquise)

Mitsubishi MU-2P

Mitsubishi MU-2N


Mitsubishi MU-2M

Mitsubishi MU-2L

Mitsubishi MU-2K

Mitsubishi MU-2J

Mitsubishi MU-2G

Mitsubishi MU-2F


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