Sales and Acquisitions





Why do you need someone to help you sell your aircraft?

With over 33 years of experience Anaconda Aviation can assist you in selling your aircraft for maximum value. Let us tell you what some of Anaconda’s services entail on each and every aircraft we represent.

Anaconda advertises worldwide in numerous publications and online sites.  Anaconda also has an established global network of buyers and sellers, to include representation in Europe, Venezuela, and Mexico. Anaconda receives numerous inquiries daily. Each inquiry is given individual attention, educating the buyer about the aircraft market, insurance, and financing as related to your specific aircraft. A complete package on your aircraft is sent or e-mailed to each prospective customer. Each package includes a specification sheet, pictures of your aircraft, and numerous related aircraft pamphlets and articles. We strive to supply a maintenance/life cycle report for all necessary items. This helps predict what to expect at a pre-purchase inspection. Anaconda will do the contract negotiations, and prepare the necessary paperwork which provides you with a smooth transaction We can handle a trade-in if the situation arises. With Anaconda Aviation as your representative, you’ll walk into the negotiation with complete confidence derived from knowledge of the industry and transaction, and you’ll walk away with top-dollar.

So, if you are thinking of selling your aircraft,
Anaconda would be honored to have the opportunity to discuss the possibility of representing you, giving you the personalized service that is our trademark. We will get you the most dollar for your aircraft. We will work full-time representing your interest because after all that is our business, and what we do best – buy and sell aircraft! If you have any questions, please contact us.



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